In Gaza & Israel: There Are No Good Guys

The fighting between Hamas of Palestine and Isreal is a classic example of how government ruins the lives of perfectly peaceful citizens between neighboring nations. It seems as though every few years a fight occurs, and nothing between the two nations gets solved. How sick & tired the people of Israel & Palestine must be!

So for our purposes of discussion, assume the People of Israel & Palestine are victims, but the governments of Israel & Palestine are the ones committing murder and destruction of property. Only government can be so destructive for so long, and justify it.

See Palestine claims Israel is running an Apartheid regime, enslaving their humble nation for nearly 3 generations. They view the nation of Israel as bloodthirsty war- mongers, and play themselves as third-world victims. They are the modern-age Revolutionaries in the Holy Land Capitol of the world for the three Abraham-based religions.

But this is all smoke & mirrors. Those who protest in the streets around the world are folks who see a victim & cry foul on Israel. Some people just love a good revolution, but they ignore the violence and motivation of the government of Palestine.

See Hamas is the political party who runs Palestine. More than half of the world considers then to be a terrorist organization: they are non-secular, use violence as a means to an end, and publicly admit to wanted Israel to be blown off the face of the Earth.

Long-term evidence might allude some, but the most recent evidence during the fighting cannot be so easily avoided. Tunnels have been built sneaking into Israel, where Hamas soldiers smuggle guns & rockets to use. Hamas has used school buildings, hospitals, and other public buildings as a launch site for missiles. Even UN-sanctioned shelters have been proven as sites to hold weapons and explosives.

Call Palestine what you will, but the people running the government under the Hamas name have done horrible things to achieve their independence on the backs of their innocent citizens.

So how about Israel? Palestine wants them blown off the face of the earth, as does Iran and pockets of other radical Muslims across the world. They have every right to defend themselves. But are they completely innocent in all of this? Absolutely not.

Israel has been the source of conflict in the Middle East since the World Powers established it’s existence after world war 2. Israel’s war with early Palestine proved Israel would forever be the power in the area.

How Israel treats Palestine is not an innocent act, either. They do treat Palestine as a subservient colony. They have meddled in Palestinian affairs for decades, and it has subsequently blown up in their faces every single time.

Take the current situation at hand: Hamas’ rule in Palestine is the result of blowback from previous meddling by Israel. The previous leadership, the PLO, was essentially ousted by Israel. This regime, while hostile to Israel, agreed & accepted Israel’s right to exist, as well as being a secular society despite predominate Islamic population in the country.

Remember Yassar Arrafat? The man who won the Nobel Peace Price – in spite of being a known sponsor of terrorism and financial corruption – was the leader of the PLO. The same PLO that struck a peace deal with Israel in the Oslo Accords: the longest lasting time of peace in history of the ongoing conflict.

Well, Israel ousted the PLO after Arrafat died, and the result was the rise of Hamas. Blowback. Israel is guilty of meddling, while Palestine is guilty of engaging in terrorism. Simple as that.


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